What are the best withdrawal strategies when playing online casino?

There are two reasons why people join online casinos; for recreation and making money. If it is for entertainment, you do not have to use real money. However, for those who are looking to earn money, some things can affect how much you make, including; casino deposit methods and casino withdrawal methods. For instance, casino deposit bonus UK (extra cash you receive after making a deposit) can affect when and how much you withdraw.

Fortunately for players, there are different casino deposit methods and casino withdrawal methods. This means that a player can choose the best casino payment methods, depending on how fast and how much they wish to withdraw. Each of the methods has its benefits and downsides.

Things to consider when choosing casino withdrawal methods

Processing time.

The total amount of time the online casino takes to release payments through the particular method. Also, unless you are using a bank directly, you should consider how long it takes for money to be transferred from that specific wallet to your bank. For example, you might find that it takes an online casino 3-4 days to process a withdrawal to your PayPal and one day for bank cards. It is advisable to select the fastest withdrawal methods.


There are usually two charges involved; how much the online casino charges for sending payments for specific withdrawal avenues and how much it will cost you to withdraw money from that wallet, into liquid cash. For instance, you may find that the online casino sends payments to you free of charge, but the company (e-wallet or bank) that hosts your account applies charges. Opting for the method with least costs is wise.

In this article, we guide you to making an informed decision, when choosing a withdrawal method. Our list comprises the most popular withdrawal methods used in the licensed and regulated casino industry. Remember, the mode you choose can affect your earnings.



PayPal has gained popularity over time, achieving millions of active users and billions of transactions. PayPal is a secure, instant and easy way to withdraw your money from online casinos. PayPal is not free, but the charges are usually fair, about 0.3% of the total amount you are withdrawing. However, be cautious when storing large amounts of money on PayPal; they have been known to withholding if they believe that the cash was obtained illegally.


Neteller is another reputable withdrawal method for online casino players. Opening an account takes a few minutes, without unnecessary frustrations. In fact, players from over 200 countries use Neteller for receiving online casino payments. Also, your information and account balance are saved n trust accounts.


Skrill is undoubtful, a popular e-wallet. With Skrill, you can send and receive payments in more than 41 different currencies. As long as you verify your credit card, your transactions will be processed faster. With Skrill, you can quickly move your money around, from the bank account to your card and back.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are a classic withdrawal method of sending money from one bank account to another. In most casinos, to withdraw via bank transfer, you must first deposit the same manner. You will need bank information of your online casino, go to the bank and send your funds. For withdrawal, you just need your bank account number, your SWIFT number, and IBAN.

Bank Cards

Yes, e-wallets and bank transfers are immpressive modes of depositing and withdrawing funds, but they are not the only ones. Bank cards (Visa, Mastercard and PaySafe) are an excellent way of depositing and withdrawing funds from your online casino account.

Something unique about a PaySafe card is the fact that you are allowed to make deposits and withdrawals of funds without revealing any information about yourself.

The standard debit and credit cards are as you have always used them. However, for PaySafe, you do not need a bank account or credit card. All you need is a prepaid PaySafe card that allows for secure payment and guarantees a 100% confidentiality of your transactions. This means that neither your personal information nor your card details can be seen.

Steps to making an online casino withdrawal

  1. Play then win.
  2. Request a withdrawal from your account.
  3. Select your preferred withdrawal method.
  4. Select the total amount you wish to withdraw.
  5. Wait for processing and completion of payment.

How To Choose The Best Casino Bonus That Suits You And The Startegies To Use

The best online casino bonus you can ever find is that which meets your priorities, it doesn’t matter whether it`s free spins, money, free bets, and sign up bonuses among others. The main point is that whatever bonus you get, it has to earn you the highest amount of cash possible. It is easy to find the best bonuses thanks to the many bonus reviews and adverts from UK online casinos trying to entice gamblers. For you to be able to pick the best bonus that is worth your while, you will need to study the various casino online bonuses and their descriptions. This is the topmost strategy you can use to get the best bonuses so let’s get to it.

Sign-up/Welcome Bonuses

You get this kind of bonus when you sign up with an online casino for the first time, but you first have to meet the wagering requirements. This only takes place only after you have completed the registration process and made a deposit in case you are first required to make a casino deposit bonus. There are a lot of casinos online so it would be wise to choose the top rated ones if you want to maximize on your bonus. You can pick the casino with the highest sign-up bonus with clear terms and conditions on the bonus. After that, you can sign-up for more sites in order to get more money.

Sticky Bonuses

These bonuses come in two formats, type 1 and type 2 sticky bonuses and they are used only for placing bets. The type 1 bonuses are used to wager but you can not withdraw it. You will only be able to cash out your winnings after making a withdrawal from the online casino, only the winning can be withdrawn and is then permanently removed from your account. The advantage this type of bonus has is that you can use the bonus to wager and this increases your chances of successfully completing the wagering requirements. The type 2 bonus is similar to type 1 but with a slight difference, your bonus will not be removed when you withdraw. You will still be able to use it to wager and use the bonus amount, this makes it more appealing hence you can count on it.

Exclusive/Loyalty Bonuses

If you want this kind of bonus then you have to be a loyal member and to be so, you must play with your casino site for a long time so that in the process you earn points and move up the casino rankings. Each level usually has got its own benefits but for optimal bonus benefits, the highest level in the ranking will suit you.

Deposit and Non-deposit bonuses

Some casinos will appreciate the amount of money you deposit by offering you bonuses which will vary depending on the amount and rates of various casinos. In order to reap well, you can deposit large amounts of money and also look for casinos with the highest rates of deposit bonuses.

For non-deposit bonuses, you don’t deposit any money but you are given a bonus that will allow you to test the software of a casino and play their games before committing yourself to it. For you to work harmoniously with this bonuses, you have to be acquainted with their rules and regulations.

Free Spin Bonuses

These bonuses only apply to the online slot machines. If the casino wants to bring interest in the game during a slot tournament, it will give you this offer. It is important to note that some of these spins may not include any money so you have to take a closer look at the fine print.

Having known the different types of bonuses and how you can maximise on them, you can now have a look at the general points to strategise on. First, you have to read the terms and conditions that apply to any bonus. Secondly, should adjust your style of gaming, let’s say you play with the bonus money sparingly and unwaveringly. Finally, you can count on skill games and others like the baccarat and blackjack which have higher playthrough requirements to earn you more money in the long run. Though it takes longer to make money with bonuses on these games as opposed to slot games, their odds of success are promising if played the right way.