Innovative Strategies are Challenging the Established Top Casino Sites

‘Gamification’ means taking particular steps that combine game mechanics with an online community, enterprise application or a website in order to influence customers’ loyalty and participation. But more importantly to keep them engaged. Popular and proven approaches to gamification is to use point based level up systems, increasingly valuable rewards and the ability to unlock new features.

In order to retain customers online casinos have started to use gamification to make players feel there is more to gambling than just the gambling. For example, in account creation, players can select their preferred avatar. Later they can use points or some made up casino currency to buy features for their avatars, or more importantly bonuses that can be used on the more traditional casino games. Often players are presented with missions relating to a certain video slot or other game, and fulfilling some requirement brings their avatar to new levels, often accompanied with a reward. At some casinos you can even explore visually stunning worlds. By playing some specified slots, the avatar explores a region and can unlock new worlds, games and other features.

The old VIP-ways

Traditional loyalty programs at online casinos offer a wide array of bonuses, rewards and VIP perks. But reaping the rewards usually take a fair amount of gambling capital, and it isn’t unusual for a player to have to deposit thousands of pounds per month. The new gamified online casino concepts are making the typical VIP-rewards available even for the hobby punter, but packaged in a much more attractive and entertaining way. The typical VIP systems that are being challenged relies heavily on loyalty point. By wagering money points are earned. The points are used to determine your VIP-level, usually with a few tiers like Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Points can usually be traded in for playable credits and the exchange rate is determined by which VIP-tier you currently belong to. With each level you will also get access to better deposit bonuses or some kind och cashback-scheme in case you are incurring losses. But that’s about it, and reaching Gold and Platinum levels could require you to wager up to £10,000 on a monthly basis.

Challenging Old Conventions

The new emerging gamified loyalty systems are much more refined than the above described traditional type. The foundation is still some kind of points system and points are accumulated by turning over money in various casino games, but often there are other ways to reach new levels while doing so. For instance, playing a certain amount of rounds in a selected slot, hitting a specified winning combination in a game, or something completely different like making a withdrawal. While the more traditional loyalty systems included a couple of tiers or levels that was reset if inactive, the new emerging concepts can often have hundreds of levels, and rewards are given out for each new level. Rewards can come in many forms but free spins without wagering requirements and some kind of currency that can be used to “buy” bonuses are common. There are also several custom made bonus features that vary from different casinos. At Kaboo Casino for instance you are awarded with “relics”, a kind of high-tech wheel of fortune for each new level reached. At Casino Heroes you have to beat a boss in order to reach a new level, and rewards come in “rubies” which can be spent in the “Ruby Shop”. At Casumo you are given “valuables” that can be stored in a vault and activated at a later point of your choosing.

The possibilities are endless and new, fun rewarding mechanisms are being introduced all the time. To keep up with all the new stuff check out TopCasinoSites, there you will also find information on the above mentioned brands. Let the casino adventures begin!

More Bang For Your Buck With Money-Saving Casino Strategies!

When playing with an online casino UK based, players ultimately want to get the best out of their gambling experience. Though there are no shortcuts to winning, there are an abundance of tips regarding budgeting and using a bankroll management system when playing some of the best online slot games.

How to Use Bankroll Management Techniques When Playing Online Slots UK Based

Though it may initially sound complicated, and indeed seem dull in comparison to playing the best online slot games, a bankroll management strategy can help not only your wallet – but also your gameplay.

By having some form of bankroll management strategy in place before you begin to play, you avoid the all too easy risk of ending up in debt. Gambling debt can have immediate financial repercussions, thus ruining what should be a fun filled time and activity, but it is also wholly unnecessary. If feel like some of the points below strikes a bit too close to home, check out the anonymous Gamcare self-assessment tool, it is an easy way to get ti grips with your gambling habits and stay out of trouble. With that said, let us continue.

By utilizing a few simple tips, you can quickly set a bankroll each time during your time online playing casino games:

  • Never be tempted to begin your gameplay without a budget:
    If you are going to play the best online slots games on a continuing basis, you will need some form of discipline to know when to stop and when to carry on. A budget should act as your bible for this purpose!
  • Set your limit for every gaming session:
    Make sure this amount is practical, and you can sustain it. Think about the length of time you would like to play online for and look at spreading your game play out as to not spend your money in too quick succession. Online casinos are hugely social places, so try to break up your gameplay and recuperate after a couple of games each time perhaps chatting with other players.
  • Think about the amount you are prepared to pay out for as a maximum:
    This could be daily, weekly or monthly, but it must be considerate as to the number of times and frequency that you play online slots. Then decide on an amount that you would finish a game, should you make a winning. Sometimes it can be easy to gamble your entire victories for the next best jackpot but, as we all know, there is no guarantee of winning again. Make sure you appreciate a good win when you see one!
  • Stop your gameplay when reaching your maximum budget:
    Leave the game and move away entirely, so you are not tempted to have one last go for luck! This is an excellent trait to work on if you intend to play online casinos for fun. Knowing when to admit defeat, or when you have had a good run, are essential skills for developing success with online slot games.
  • If you play online slots regularly, think about making a note of your winnings and losses:
    this does not have to be long-winded but can just provide enough visual confirmation to get you through the harder times, while making you think about how easy it could all be lost when you are on top!

How to Play Online Slots and Develop a Budget Strategy

There are a few other things that you can try to develop some form of strategy when playing with online slots UK game providers. Though reliant on an RNG (Random Number Generator) you could:

  • Try to incorporate some of the cheaper slot games into your regular play, as a way of taking a breather from the higher denominations of slots. This way, you still get to experience exciting slot play, but also extend your budget for longer.
  • Access VIP slot games or special offers. Many online slots UK casinos have some wonderful club areas or ongoing suggestions, which allow players to access free gameplay for special occasions or based on their current level. Look out for all the offers at your favourite online casinos and be sure to use them when they are relevant.
  • Look at limiting the number of slot games you play on to get an idea of your performance on them, and how they work regarding pay-outs. You may find your skills are better at playing the odd one or two slots, rather than at a random number during each session.

Ultimately, by taking advantage of these money saving tips, you learn how to stick to a budget during play, but more importantly, you have a fun games session each time you log on to the best online slots games at every casino.

What are the best withdrawal strategies when playing online casino?

There are two reasons why people join online casinos; for recreation and making money. If it is for entertainment, you do not have to use real money. However, for those who are looking to earn money, some things can affect how much you make, including; casino deposit methods and casino withdrawal methods. For instance, casino deposit bonus UK (extra cash you receive after making a deposit) can affect when and how much you withdraw.

Fortunately for players, there are different casino deposit methods and casino withdrawal methods. This means that a player can choose the best casino payment methods, depending on how fast and how much they wish to withdraw. Each of the methods has its benefits and downsides.

Things to consider when choosing casino withdrawal methods

Processing time.

The total amount of time the online casino takes to release payments through the particular method. Also, unless you are using a bank directly, you should consider how long it takes for money to be transferred from that specific wallet to your bank. For example, you might find that it takes an online casino 3-4 days to process a withdrawal to your PayPal and one day for bank cards. It is advisable to select the fastest withdrawal methods.


There are usually two charges involved; how much the online casino charges for sending payments for specific withdrawal avenues and how much it will cost you to withdraw money from that wallet, into liquid cash. For instance, you may find that the online casino sends payments to you free of charge, but the company (e-wallet or bank) that hosts your account applies charges. Opting for the method with least costs is wise.

In this article, we guide you to making an informed decision, when choosing a withdrawal method. Our list comprises the most popular withdrawal methods used in the licensed and regulated casino industry. Remember, the mode you choose can affect your earnings.



PayPal has gained popularity over time, achieving millions of active users and billions of transactions. PayPal is a secure, instant and easy way to withdraw your money from online casinos. PayPal is not free, but the charges are usually fair, about 0.3% of the total amount you are withdrawing. However, be cautious when storing large amounts of money on PayPal; they have been known to withholding if they believe that the cash was obtained illegally.


Neteller is another reputable withdrawal method for online casino players. Opening an account takes a few minutes, without unnecessary frustrations. In fact, players from over 200 countries use Neteller for receiving online casino payments. Also, your information and account balance are saved n trust accounts.


Skrill is undoubtful, a popular e-wallet. With Skrill, you can send and receive payments in more than 41 different currencies. As long as you verify your credit card, your transactions will be processed faster. With Skrill, you can quickly move your money around, from the bank account to your card and back.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are a classic withdrawal method of sending money from one bank account to another. In most casinos, to withdraw via bank transfer, you must first deposit the same manner. You will need bank information of your online casino, go to the bank and send your funds. For withdrawal, you just need your bank account number, your SWIFT number, and IBAN.

Bank Cards

Yes, e-wallets and bank transfers are immpressive modes of depositing and withdrawing funds, but they are not the only ones. Bank cards (Visa, Mastercard and PaySafe) are an excellent way of depositing and withdrawing funds from your online casino account.

Something unique about a PaySafe card is the fact that you are allowed to make deposits and withdrawals of funds without revealing any information about yourself.

The standard debit and credit cards are as you have always used them. However, for PaySafe, you do not need a bank account or credit card. All you need is a prepaid PaySafe card that allows for secure payment and guarantees a 100% confidentiality of your transactions. This means that neither your personal information nor your card details can be seen.

Steps to making an online casino withdrawal

  1. Play then win.
  2. Request a withdrawal from your account.
  3. Select your preferred withdrawal method.
  4. Select the total amount you wish to withdraw.
  5. Wait for processing and completion of payment.

How To Choose The Best Casino Bonus That Suits You And The Startegies To Use

The best online casino bonus you can ever find is that which meets your priorities, it doesn’t matter whether it`s free spins, money, free bets, and sign up bonuses among others. The main point is that whatever bonus you get, it has to earn you the highest amount of cash possible. It is easy to find the best bonuses thanks to the many bonus reviews and adverts from UK online casinos trying to entice gamblers. For you to be able to pick the best bonus that is worth your while, you will need to study the various casino online bonuses and their descriptions. This is the topmost strategy you can use to get the best bonuses so let’s get to it.

Sign-up/Welcome Bonuses

You get this kind of bonus when you sign up with an online casino for the first time, but you first have to meet the wagering requirements. This only takes place only after you have completed the registration process and made a deposit in case you are first required to make a casino deposit bonus. There are a lot of casinos online so it would be wise to choose the top rated ones if you want to maximize on your bonus. You can pick the casino with the highest sign-up bonus with clear terms and conditions on the bonus. After that, you can sign-up for more sites in order to get more money.

Sticky Bonuses

These bonuses come in two formats, type 1 and type 2 sticky bonuses and they are used only for placing bets. The type 1 bonuses are used to wager but you can not withdraw it. You will only be able to cash out your winnings after making a withdrawal from the online casino, only the winning can be withdrawn and is then permanently removed from your account. The advantage this type of bonus has is that you can use the bonus to wager and this increases your chances of successfully completing the wagering requirements. The type 2 bonus is similar to type 1 but with a slight difference, your bonus will not be removed when you withdraw. You will still be able to use it to wager and use the bonus amount, this makes it more appealing hence you can count on it.

Exclusive/Loyalty Bonuses

If you want this kind of bonus then you have to be a loyal member and to be so, you must play with your casino site for a long time so that in the process you earn points and move up the casino rankings. Each level usually has got its own benefits but for optimal bonus benefits, the highest level in the ranking will suit you.

Deposit and Non-deposit bonuses

Some casinos will appreciate the amount of money you deposit by offering you bonuses which will vary depending on the amount and rates of various casinos. In order to reap well, you can deposit large amounts of money and also look for casinos with the highest rates of deposit bonuses.

For non-deposit bonuses, you don’t deposit any money but you are given a bonus that will allow you to test the software of a casino and play their games before committing yourself to it. For you to work harmoniously with this bonuses, you have to be acquainted with their rules and regulations.

Free Spin Bonuses

These bonuses only apply to the online slot machines. If the casino wants to bring interest in the game during a slot tournament, it will give you this offer. It is important to note that some of these spins may not include any money so you have to take a closer look at the fine print.

Having known the different types of bonuses and how you can maximise on them, you can now have a look at the general points to strategise on. First, you have to read the terms and conditions that apply to any bonus. Secondly, should adjust your style of gaming, let’s say you play with the bonus money sparingly and unwaveringly. Finally, you can count on skill games and others like the baccarat and blackjack which have higher playthrough requirements to earn you more money in the long run. Though it takes longer to make money with bonuses on these games as opposed to slot games, their odds of success are promising if played the right way.

Strategies and Tips to Clear your Casino Bonus’ Wagering Requirement

An online casino bonus rarely comes without strings attached. Infact, a casino wagering requirement can pretty much always be expected when being awarded a bit of cash to play with. After all, what casino is going to give out free money which, with one flip of a card, could win the player thousands? It doesn’t make smart business sense to allow condition-free playing. Any new player sampling a casino as a guest can expect to have to wager anywhere between 20 to 30 times the initial bonus before any winnings from it can be withdrawn. And in many cases, that can go up to a staggering 60…there’s no hard or fast rule. Each casino has its own requirements. But with some clear casino bonus tips, there are a few ways to clear that bonus quicker, and if there’s any money left at the end, take home some winnings.

Pick the games that clear the balance the quickest

Most casinos will attach a rule to the bonus that ensures the games with the easiest wins go the shortest way towards clearing the bonus requirement. For instance, basic slots may be a ‘one for one’ exchange; a dollar thrown into the machine counts as a dollar towards clearing off the balance. Yet Blackjack or Roulette may only count for a quarter of the money that goes towards getting that balance cleared. So, for example, pumping £100 into the Blackjack table will not get you £100 closer; instead, it’ll only go £25 of the way. This is a simple safeguard to ensure easy win games don’t ruin the casino’s bank balance. So simply reading up on each game’s relative wagering requirement guidelines will mean a pound spent is a pound closer to satisfying the wagering requirement. It may be a bit more work on games that don’t appeal to the player as much, but thinking of the bonus requirement of a work based task and less of a game is the most sensible way of seeing a possible profit at the end.

Take the money from one game, wager it on another

Following on from the above point, the easy win games can actually build up some pretty serious wagering fodder. Whilst simply playing Blackjack or Roulette will not get you anywhere near that threshold by themselves, they can make you some pretty decent cash that you can then dump into a ‘one for one’ game like slots. And the best thing about these card and table games is that many casinos have no issue with a ‘double or nothing’ policy. So, bet a pound and lose it, and then on the next turn, wager £2. If that loses, wager £4. Eventually, once you get a win, your original bet (and all subsequent wagers) will be won back. This has a twofold benefit; you’re (very) slowly getting nearer to the wagering requirement threshold, but you’re eventually always going to get to a win and get your money back.

Check whether real funds or bonus funds are being used

Very often, a bonus is tied to a deposit, for example, depositing £100 will see a £100 bonus, or maybe even £200…it really depends on how generous the casino feels. Yet, when you take to the tables and look to clear that wagering requirement, you start betting in the double or triple figures and see that the money is coming from your bonus funds and not your real, physical money. And guess what? A quick check of the terms and conditions then shows that bonus money doesn’t count towards clearing the wagering requirement. This is a trap one can fall in when drawn in by all the glitz and the flashing lights on the casino’s main page. More of a common sense move than a ‘tip’, but it’s worth looking at where all money is being drawn from first to avoid feverishly betting with no reward.

The said truth of the fact is that most players will never get out of the ‘red zone’ and will use up all funds before the wagering requirement is met. However, there is an outside possibility that you can walk away a winner, albeit with a case of ‘casino burnout’…you’ll be seeing slots and green tables in your sleep for some time afterwards. The easiest path is to use the easy wins to build up funds, cautiously invest in the less popular games, and hope for the best.

How to Play Baccarat Online – Rules and Basic Strategy

If you want to play Baccarat online, the rules can seem confusing at first, but as you will see, aren’t really all that complicated for the player. Most UK online casinos now offer live dealer Baccarat which is a lot more interesting to play than a fully automated version because the dealer in Baccarat is a very important part of the game as they advance all of the play after the bets are made.

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat

As the round starts, the players make their bets on one of three spaces, either “Player”, “Banker” or “Tie”. These bets are made on which hand the bettor thinks will win, or if they think that the value of the cards will be the same.

The winning hand is the hand closest to nine points using two or three cards. In live dealer Baccarat, the cards values are a little different than from most games. Cards from two to nine are taken at face value, but tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth zero, and an Ace is worth one.

The “Player” hand, played by the dealer following strict Baccarat rules about how hands are to be played acts first and pays out 1 to 1 on a win, and the house advantage is 1.24%.

The “Banker” hand is also played by the dealer using the very strict Baccarat rules based on what has happened with the player hand. The banker’s hand acts after the player’s hand but only has a house advantage of 1.06%. The payout for the banker’s hand is 19 to 20, basically, you are charged a 5% “tax” for winning is the idea. If you bet 100 and won on the banker’s hand, you would profit 95 from the round, this “tax” is to make up for the greater player advantage on banker bets.

The last bet is a tie, which has a house advantage of 14.36%. That is not a typo, the house has a massive advantage on tie bets and it is unwise to bet the tie. It does pay out 8 to 1, but that still doesn’t make it worth it as a tie only happens when both hands have equal points at the end of a round.

Once betting is finished, two cards are dealt face up to each hand. If either hand gets an eight or a nine, this is called a “natural hand” and the round is over. The closest to nine then wins, or a tie is declared.

  • If a natural hand isn’t dealt then Baccarat rules say that the player hand goes first and how the dealer must play the hand.
  • If the player hand has between zero and five points, the dealer hits and takes another card, trying to get closer to nine.
  • If the player hand has a six or a seven, the dealer stands and it is the banker’s hands turn.
  • If no natural hand is dealt and the player hand is finished, the banker’s hand goes. What happens here depends on what has happened with the player’s hand and what the banker’s hand has.

The banker draws a card if:

  • The player’s third card was a six or seven and the banker shows six.
  • The player’s third card was between four and seven and the banker shows five.
  • The player’s third was between two and seven and the banker shows five.
  • The player’s third was anything other than an eight (including a nine) and the dealer shows three.
  • The banker always takes a card if the hand shows two or lower if no natural hand was dealt.

Baccarat Strategy and Tips

The most effective Baccarat tips for betting are also the simplest.

A solid baccarat strategy is called “Follow the Shoe” and is simply to change your bet on every loss. So if you bet on the player hand and it loses, change to betting on the banker’s hand. Ties won’t be counted as losses, don’t change the bet due to a tie.

A more preferred strategy only because it gives a slightly better player advantage is to bet to the banker more often. To do this, start by betting on the banker, and if it loses, bet on the banker once more, if it wins, keep going, but if it loses a second time, switch to the player. As soon as the player hand loses, switch back to the banker, and again ties do not count as a loss in this Baccarat strategy.

Can I get an edge counting cards at online blackjack tables?

When it comes to playing blackjack online, a criticism most often heard from card counters is that the combination of computerised dealer and regular shuffling makes card counting impossible. For card counting blackjack games must have a deep enough deck penetration to reach an accurate count, but computers shuffle after each round. Many players also suspect cheating from the computer, and some large sites have run into issues with this in the past.

In these games, there is no benefit to card counting. However, the live dealer blackjack games offered by many online casinos are different, and it is possible to get an edge card counting here. These games take place with a real dealer drawing from real decks on a casino floor. The cards are scanned to allow each player to see their cards and to interact with them.

The Benefits of Live Dealer Blackjack

One of the main benefits of blackjack games online which have a live dealer is that the deeper deck penetration makes card counting possible. While the deck penetration is often not as much as it may be when playing offline, it is adequate for card counting. Unlike computerised dealers, live blackjack dealers are dealing from a shoe and they shuffle only once around between 1/2 and 3/4 of the deck has been dealt to players. This amount is enough for an accurate count.

Another benefit is that the live dealer allows for spotting dealer tells. These are physical things the dealer does when they view their hole cards that may give away information about their hand. Reading tells is obviously not possible against a computer, but with the live dealer, it allows for a distinct advantage, especially used in combination with card counting.

The Drawbacks of Live Dealer Blackjack

It is worth noting that all drawbacks to live dealer blackjack are in comparison to playing live in a real casino. It is impossible to have a real advantage or count cards in computerised dealer online blackjack. If you plan to play online, games with a live dealer are by far the best option.

Many card counters say their biggest problem with online live dealer games is the slow speeds. The tables are often all full, too, which slows the game down further.

Another common complaint is that players are only able to place bets on their own hand or spot. To make significant money card counting blackjack online, card counters would need to be able to bet the minimum on their own hand when the odds aren’t in the favour and place bigger bets on other players’ hands when the odds are against the casino. It becomes difficult to substantially increase betting when the “true count” is higher than two when you are unable to place bets on other hands dealt at the table.

Another potential issue is where online casinos place their “cut” cards during live blackjack. Many will place the cut cards around halfway through the deck, which greatly reduces the number of informed guesses you can make about the value of remaining cards.

How To Get An Edge When Card Counting in Blackjack Online

Despite the potential drawbacks of live dealer blackjack, card counting is still the most valuable tool available to get an edge in it. The cards are shuffled infrequently enough that you should be able to maintain an accurate count of the deck.

Begin by placing small bets at low limit tables. There are many tables at online casinos with minimums as low as £1, and many casinos offer bonuses for blackjack that can help you grow your bankroll over time. Stay at these low-limit tables until you are making a consistent profit, and then you can gradually progress to higher limit games.

With consistent practice, card counting can give you a definite edge at online blackjack tables. Take it slow at first, and you will soon be able to make a regular profit in high limit games.

Can Betting Strategies for Online Slots Be Successful?

Online Slots and the Gambler’s Fallacy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could devise a perfect betting strategy to increase your chances of winning at online slot machines? After all, players of other forms of gambling employ betting strategies don’t they? So why shouldn’t online slot machine players?

There is something known as the gamblers fallacy, which is a psychological tendency to believe that if the same outcome has occurred an unusual number of times consecutively, then the chances of a different outcome occurring are increased. So, for example, if a person tosses a coin nine times and it lands on tails every time, the gambler’s fallacy would be to assume that on the tenth toss, the odds of the coin landing on tails again are less than are the odds of it landing on heads. In reality, however, there is still a one in two probability, because though the odds were against it landing on tails nine times in a row, past events do not affect mathematical probabilities.

There is no doubt that those playing online casino games often have a belief that some betting strategy can be employed to win big. Thoughts like “the slot hasn’t paid out for some time, surely it is due to pay out big at any moment”, or “I’m on a winning streak here, surely the next spin will mean I lose all my winnings” are common, but is this not just another example of the gambler’s fallacy? Well, to answer that question, we need to know just how ‘random’ online slots are.

Random Number Generators

If you don’t know, nowadays Random Number Generators (RNGs) are built into all physical slot machines. They come in the form of computer chips. They are algorithmic, and as the name suggests, they generate a random set of numbers, each with a value that corresponds to the symbols on each reel. These computer programs churn out numbers at an incredible rate—many times per millisecond—even while the machine is not in play. And so, at the very instant when the player pushes the button or pulls down the lever, guess what? they have no clue what those numbers are! And it is those very numbers that have already determined the outcome of the spin. So it doesn’t make one jot of difference how quickly or how slowly you press the button, or how hard you mentally will the reels to land favourably. The only input you have is when to press it, or indeed, if at all.

Okay, now that you know what RNGs are, the next thing you should know is that these exact same algorithmic programs are built into the software of their virtual counterparts in online casinos. There simply is no way of decoding it, and while no mathematical algorithm can be truly random, the sheer complexity of the code means that for all intents and purposes, it is. In other words: forget about it!

Online Slots Betting Strategy

So can you have an online slots strategy? Absolutely! But not a betting strategy for slots that would increase your chances of beating the House. Whether you simply wish to mitigate any losses, or you want to fuel more excitement into your betting, then adopting a betting strategy for slots makes sense.

Elk Studios ‘Betting Strategies’ is a great example. In their online casino, they offer the option of selecting one of four different strategies which automatically determines the bet size based on previous gameplay outcomes. This can certainly add more fun to your playing.

So, we’ve learned that online slots, with their Randon Number Generators are, although not strictly speaking entirely random, certainly impartial, and random enough to conclude that any wistful thinking about winning streaks or losing streaks, and probabilities increasing based on previous gameplay are clear-cut examples of the gambler’s fallacy. Don’t deceive yourself!

This should in no way take the fun out of playing, just don’t believe anyone who tells you they have a winning strategy for slots. The only winning strategy is to bet sensibly, and most importantly, to have FUN!

An Easy Guide to Roulette Strategy For Beginners

Roulette is an exciting game which is found in all casinos, both traditional and online. The roulette betting system is not difficult to learn, and mastering basic roulette rules does not take long at all. Players are given a choice of placing their bets on odd or even numbers, on red or black colours, or on single numbers.

The winning colour or number is decided by the outcome after the croupier shas spun the roulette wheel which has numbers between 0 and 36. The numbers 1 – 10 and 19 – 28 comprise odd and even numbers. The even ones are black, and the odd ones are red. The numbers 11 – 18 and 29 – 36 comprise odd and even numbers, yet conversely, the even ones are red, and the odd ones are black. There is also a zero (0) which features a green pocket.

In roulette strategy, inside bets can be made by betting on a single number; on two vertically adjacent numbers; on a horizontal line of three sequential numbers, on four numbers which converge at one of the corners, on six sequential numbers which make up two horizontal lines, and on a three numbered bet (including a zero). Outside bets in roulette strategy such as betting on odd or even, or red or black, normally offer smaller winnings.

Many players like to follow a particular roulette betting system for luck. They do this by implementing a variation of the martingale strategy. This means that after a player suffers a loss, they double their bet in order to counteract what they have just lost, in addition to winning a sum which is the same as the original bet. Alternatively, after sustaining a loss or win, some players use a progressive betting plan known as the Labouchère System. This works by utilising a group of numbers that are in a line in order to work out how much to bet. Normally, this means adding the line’s end and front numbers. After a win, the player crosses off numbers and carries on this strategy with the line which is now smaller. If the player suffers a loss, he/she adds their last bet to the last part of the line.

Another option is the D’Alembert system, which is based on a pyramid approach. Generally speaking, it is used for outside bets with even-money, and is often used by players who want to restrict their losses. After players have sustained a loss, on the following bet they add one unit. And as soon as the player has had a win, they deduct one unit from the following bet.

The Dozens Bet is another popular strategy for outside bets. If the player wins it pays the same rate as the columns bet: 2 to 1. The difference between these two options is simply their numbers. The bet is placed on the last part of the grid on the 2 to 1 sign for a column, and the bet is place in the area marked 1st 12 etc., on a dozen bet.

The martingale dozens system which uses 24 numbers, involves the player picking two dozens, and then bets one unit on both of them, this means that their bet comprises 2 units in total. The player continues to bet one unit on every dozen. If the player sustains 2 losses, whether in succession or not, the bets are raised by 1 unit in each dozen. One advantage of this strategy is that players can bet on 24 numbers as opposed to the 18 that are used in other outside bet systems.

A Look at Basic Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in existence today. The ultimate goal of the player is to be dealt a series of cards that are as close (or equal) to the score of 21 without exceeding this limit. There are three ways that this can happen:

  • The player receives 21 points when the first two cards are dealt (a blackjack).
  • The end score is higher than that of the dealer without having exceeded 21 points.
  • The dealer “busts” and breaches the limit of 21 points.

Still, there is a bit more than meets the eye in terms of developing a successful blackjack strategy. Let’s take a look at some basic concepts to consider.

Basic Strategy

We should note here that the aim of this approach is NOT to gain an edge over the house, but to minimise total losses over time by using some simple principles. This is always the fundamental base for even the most advanced blackjack betting system.

The first component of this strategy involves the fact that the player will only have five different choices during each hand. These are:

  • To stand (to keep the current cards).
  • To double down (to place another wager equal to the first in exchange for another card).
  • To hit (to take another card).
  • To split (to use two cards of the same value within the first hand to create two different hands).
  • To surrender (to forfeit the hand and gain back half of the initial wager).

Having said this, the fact of the matter is that these moves will matter little if you do not fully appreciate the relationship between the dealer’s cards and your own. This is where the common blackjack strategy tables come into play.

Blackjack Tables

Tables will often be used to summarise what action you should take depending upon your hand and the face-up card displayed by the dealer. For example, you would always “hit” (ask for an additional card) if you have a very low hand (from 5 to 8). However, it will be wise to stand if your hand is in the range of between 17 and 20. In this case, the chances of scoring over 21 are extremely high. In the event of a hand equating to 10 or 11, the player could choose to double down, as the chances are high that this score will increase with the next card without exceeding 21 points.

Please note that this is a generalised overview and effective strategies will normally involve many more options. Players will often memorise tables in order to know which move to make without forethought. Of course, this will take both time and experience to master.

Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack card counting is the ability to know which values have already been dealt and those that likely remain in the deck. This can provide the player with an edge of up to two per cent over the dealer. Counting cards will allow you to make larger bets in the event that there are many tens or aces left in the deck. Or, you could choose to stand if you have been dealt numerous low cards and you are aware that a ten or a face card will breach 21 points. This is once again only a very cursory explanation.

Developing the right type of blackjack betting system will take time and patience. Please feel free to use this article as a guide to hone your skills before winning it big!